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The Government of Cyprus has lately (23 August 2012), improved the procedures to grant Immigration Permits which eventually lead to a European passport. 

Potential applicants are Non Europeans that will purchase a house in Cyprus which will be worth more than 300.000 Euro, provided that they meet certain criteria. (Please see attached the latest announcement by the ministry of internal affairs and the criteria requested).

This new improved procedures have significantly increased the interest of Chinese citizens as well as citizens from the Middle East and the Gulf region. The fact that a Non European can acquire the Cyprus permanent residence (Immigration Permit) within a period of 1- 2 months have let to the purchase of a huge number of houses from Chinese citizens. According to the guideline given to its citizens, the ministry of foreign affairs of China considers Cyprus legislation and procedures for granting Residency/Immigration Permits  the only safe and complete legislation in Europe. The procedure of admission and examination of an application can be found in the website of the ministry of internal affairs of Cyprus. Click here...

Indeed the whole procedure is extremely easy and it has been simplified significantly to the point that if the applicant meets the criteria he gets a positive answer no later than 2 months. The application starts right after the signing of a purchasing contract.

Our company G. KALLENOS DEVELOPERS LTD has been specialised in this area and so far we have been very successful for the following reasons:

1. The owner George Kallenos (yours truly) is personally involved from the beginning until the end of the procedure (granting permanent residence / immigration permits).
2.  All our properties have title deeds. This is of a great importance since in Cyprus 95% of all new houses do not have title deeds.
3. We have invested in an area (Ormidhia - Larnaca Bay) which is surrounded by huge infrastructure activity ( UCLAN University of Central Lancashire Cyprus, The Ayia Napa Marina, The Disney Land Theme Park, the Golf courses ,the Larnaca Airport etc.
4. Our area is surrounded by green belt zone controlled by the United Kingdom and therefore not only we ensured quality life but also political stability.

Therefore, not only we can offer a Cyprus Residency Permit that will lead to a European passport but we can also offer secured properties with title deeds which have a tremendous potential for capital growth.

We encourage our potential customers to personally come here to meet us and to see our properties. Only when they come here they will know whether what we say is valid or not.

We feel so confident that we can help Chinese and other Non Europeans who meet the criteria to acquire the Residency Permit of Cyprus that we are willing to return the money back in the unlike event that we won’t be able to get them the Immigration Permit.

My reputation as a business man and my company’s excellent record in satisfying  customers needs, guarantees the issue of a Permanent Residency on the name of my customer.

We feel so confident that we can help Non Europeans who meet the criteria to acquire the Residency Permit of Cyprus that we are willing to return the money back in the unlike event that we won’t be able to get them the Immigration Permit.


Best Regards

George Kallenos

Managing Director
Tel: +357 99623689


New and accelerated procedure for granting Immigration Permit to applicants who are third country nationals and intent to invest in the Republic of Cyprus.
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