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Interior Design

Our Interior Design team boasts knowledge and experience of working in a variety of spaces and design styles.

Whether it is a piece of furniture or a complete interior design scheme, our aim is to achieve a totally unique living environment. In using only the finest materials, and enlisting the most talented craftsmen, we can ensure outstanding quality and originality.

We take inspiration from the architecture of the building and use this as our starting point for a bespoke interior scheme. Each property can be unique and reflect its owners personal taste and style, thus creating a lifestyle that will inspire and motivate.


Purchasing your home is only half the story. Landscaping is what completes the process, creating your own piece of paradise in your yard. We work with home owners to select the type of products that will enhance your exterior landscape project and reflect the lifestyle the homeowner wants. We only work with professional landscape designers so you are sure that the final result will be up to your expectations.

Property Management

In order to ensure that all our properties are kept intact and in great condition even years after the delivery, we have appointed a specialized team to do just that.

G.Kallenos Property Management team manages (and administrates) the common expenses of each property we design and build, for years after delivery. This talented team specializes in maintaining all areas of the property (common and private), providing full garden-maintenance services, swimming pool maintenance (when needed), as well as insuring the property and dealing with all local authorities in terms of paying property taxes and settling utility bills.

To ensure that all is done by the book, we perform regular property inspections. We want the owner to feel that he is not just buying a property, he is buying into the G.Kallenos family and with us, “Service is Job One”.




G.Kallenos New Projects



Ormidhia heights-f


G.Kallenos Business Center at Nicosia

G.Kallenos building at Latsia

G.Kallenos Ormidhia Heights

G.Kallenos Alambra residence project


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